Cosmetic, General, & Implant Dentistry From Kevin C. Lucky, DDS PLLC

Kevin C. Lucky, DDS PLLC – Overview of Dental Care Services

At Kevin C. Lucky, DDS PLLC, doctors Kevin C. Lucky aprovide dental care that is second to none. The professionals on staff at Kevin C. Lucky, DDS PLLC provide comprehensive dental care at three local offices for your convenience

Beautiful Cosmetic Dentistry in West Virginia

Our caring doctors are educated and skilled in the latest dental technology, which includes the use of lasers for oral surgical procedures, such as implants, and gum disease therapies. We do digital x-rays to provide the most accurate internal picture of what is going on with teeth, gums, and other structural areas of the mouth. Cosmetic whitening procedures and other cosmetic dentistry are also done at our three offices to bring your smile more uniformity and brilliance. We treat your cosmetic dentistry issues with the utmost sensitivity and care, to help you enhance your appearance and give you the overall smile you will be happy to share.

Doctors Lucky & Morabito Provide Excellence in General Dentistry

West Virginia residents who live in Beckley, Summersville, Webster Springs, and the surrounding vicinities can take advantage of the excellence in dentistry provided by Doctors Lucky and Morabito at Kevin C. Lucky, DDS PLLC. When it comes to general and family dentistry, we care for your good oral health at every age: from the youngest toddlers just seeing the dentist for the very first time, to intermittent checkups where patients may need cleanings or fillings to manage cavities and other decay, to providing outstanding endodontic or gum treatments. Our three convenient offices provide excellence in general and family dentistry that can be your link to years of expert and comprehensive dental care.

Restoration Dentistry That is Second to None

Older patients and those who have experienced extensive disease or trauma benefit from the restoration dentistry available at Kevin C. Lucky, DDS PLLC. Through the use of implants, dental crowns, bridges, and more, we are able to restore fuller use and function to one or more damaged or missing teeth. This helps keep your mouth working the way it should, while preventing further movement of teeth and additional dental problems. Our dentists and care professionals are up-to-date on the latest restoration practice and services, so consult with our doctors about the best way to restore your teeth.