Dental Restoration by Kevin C. Lucky, DDS PLLC

Superior Dental Restoration in West Virginia

When a patient’s dental problems or gum disease is advanced, there is technology and surgical solutions available to restore better health and function. Kevin C. Lucky, DDS PLLC provides superior dental restoration services to help save your precious teeth and beautiful smile in West Virginia.

Three Locations of Kevin C. Lucky, DDS PLLC Near You

The three offices of Kevin C. Lucky, DDS PLLC offer patients in Beckley, Summersville, and Webster Springs with the best in restoration dentistry services. It is good to have these three locations near to where you live and work, so you can take advantage of the superior dentistry in West Virginia that Doctors Lucky and Morabito provide. Our caring staff will help you get through the process of getting the restorative care and treatment you need for your particular diagnosis, such as:

How Dental Restoration Works for Patients in West Virginia

Restoration dentistry is available for patients in West Virginia at the offices of Kevin C. Lucky, DDS PLLC. Dr. Lucky and his staff provide some of the most requested and effective restorative processes in the industry, giving patients a fresh start on their oral health. Too often, patients ‘learn to live’ with the pain and discomfort of gum disease and dental problems, such as broken or missing teeth. There are new technologies available today that restore both function and a more pleasing appearance so you can smile with confidence.

The new technology in restoration dentistry includes the greater use of implants to give greater strength and function to bridges and dentures. Materials of crowns, bridges, and dentures are more durable than in years past, with greater ability to match natural teeth. Gums and other structures of the mouth and jaw that have severe pockets of decay or weakness can be treated surgically to eliminate various aspects of disease that impact oral health.

Improve Your Quality of Life With Dental Restoration

Treating severe dental and gum disease problems is a very important way to improve a person’s quality of life, whether you desire this for yourself or a loved one. Call our office today to request a consultation and discover how dental restoration can work for you. Often, it takes just a few visits to the dentist to achieve superior results with less pain and discomfort than you may be experiencing today.