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How Can Endodontics Services Save Teeth?

Endodontics is a dental specialty that treats diseases of the pulp and the tissues surrounding the nerve of the tooth. Endodontics is a vital way for the dentist to save diseased teeth. Dr. Lucky provides skilled endodontist services in Beckley, Summersville, and Webster Springs.

Root Canal Services Can Help Restore Tooth Health

Root canal procedures can vary from patient to patient. Each individual tooth with a level of disease is evaluated for whether root canal may be an appropriate form of therapy. Signs that root canal may be necessary include:

  • Significant or noticeable pain in the tooth (toothache) that is a noticed when ther is pressure on the area, such as when you are eating.
  • A sensitivity to hot or cold foods that lingers painfully after removing the hot or cold food.
  • The appearance of a small bump on the gums near the area of tooth pain. This may resemble a pimple, but can be a sign of infection or abscess.
  • A tooth that darkens in color.
  • Significant tenderness or swelling of the gums that is located near the area of tooth pain.

These signs along with x-rays and other examination tools help the dentist determine whether root canal service can help restore tooth health.

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These treatments are also known as “root canal”. This related to the one or multiple roots that are found below the gum line that help hold teeth in place. The pulp of the tooth contains nerves, arterioles, venules, and lymphatic and fibrous tissue. These structures can become diseased or injured to the point where healthy cells die and require endodontic treatment.

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