Implant Dentistry in Beckley, Summersville, & Webster Springs, WV

Advanced Implant Technology at Kevin C. Lucky, DDS PLLC

Kevin C. Lucky, DDS PLLC provides patients in Beckley, Summersville, and Webster Springs with the most advanced implant technology available in West Virginia. This allows you more options than ever before when it comes to secure dental appliances, better oral health, and the ability to smile with confidence.

Implant Dentistry for One or More Teeth

Dr. Lucky performs a variety of implants, from one to multiple-tooth implants. Sedation dentistry, laser dental techniques, and our caring touch come together to make it possible for patients in WV to achieve a more secure function of your replacement denture, bridge, or tooth. Implants are available for one tooth, to hold a partial or bridge for a few teeth, or if you need to hold an entire arch of a denture in place. Advanced dental implants can be the perfect answer to your dental problems compared to the way teeth may otherwise be held in place with messy adhesives.


What Has Changed in the World of Dental Implants?

The world of dental implants has changed considerably in the last 25 to 30 years. A dental implant is a replacement for the root or roots of a tooth. These are secured in the jawbone and are not visible once they are placed surgically. Dental implants are used to secure crowns, bridgework, or dentures by a variety of means.

Implants are made of titanium and titanium alloys. This material is lighweight, strong, and biocompatible, which means the body will not reject it. You may have heard of titanium being used in other body implants, such as joint replacement. It is good to know that dental implants have the highest success rate of any implanted surgical device!

Implants Work with Other Structures of the Mouth

The special properties of titanium allow it to fuse to the bone. This “osseointegration” assures the biological basis of the implant’s success. When teeth are lost or disease sets in, bone loss can occur. Placing dental implants stabilizes bone, prevents its loss, and adds support for regeneration.

Along with replacing lost teeth, implants help maintain the jawbone’s shape and density. This means additional support for the facial skeleton and, indirectly, the gum tissues, cheeks, and lips. Dental implants help these soft tissue structures that allow you to eat, chew, smile, talk, and look completely natural. This functionality improves social, psychological, and physical well being.

Comfort Plays an Important Role in Implant Dentistry

Treating severe dental and gum disease problems is a very important way to improve a person’s quality of life, whether you desire this for yourself or a loved one. Call our office today to request a consultation and discover how dental restoration can work for you. Often, it takes just a few visits to the dentist to achieve superior results with less pain and discomfort than you may be experiencing today.

Are Dental Implants Right For You?

While advancements make implant dentistry the wise choice for patients, it is intelligent to ask a few important questions beforehand. The big question is, “Are dental implants right for me?” Knowing if you are a candidate for implant dentistry and having all your questions answered is the biggest part of overall success.

  • Am I a candidate for dental implants?
  • How and why is bone lost when teeth are lost?
  • How can bone be preserved or re-grown to support dental implants?
  • How are dental implants placed and who places them?
  • What are the options for implant tooth replacement?
  • How do implant tooth replacements differ from teeth?
  • What type of maintenance do dental implants require?

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