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Nicholas County patients who seek the most expert dental care can call on Kevin C. Lucky, DDS PLLC. Our professional dentists and office staff know how to treat each patient with care and concern, whether you need cosmetic, general, or restorative dentistry services. Our office locations are convenient to customers in Nicholas County who are looking for the most expert dental care. Contact our office for an appointment and see for yourself what the most expert dental care can be like for you and your family.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Nicholas County

As Nicholas County’s top choice for cosmetic dentistry, Kevin C. Lucky, DDS PLLC provides results that enhance what natures gives you. Cosmetic dentistry can be an important tool for Nicholas County patients who have experienced dental trauma or disease. If you would like to improve how bright your smile may be or how straight your teeth are, give us a call. Many people in Nicholas County today know the importance of cosmetic dentistry and the options dentists have to help you look your very best.

Compassionate General & Family Dentistry in Nicholas County

Every member of the family appreciates compassionate dental care and that is what patients in Nicholas County can expect from Kevin C. Lucky, DDS PLLC. Whether it is time to get your teeth cleaned professionally or you need something a little more targeted like root canal therapy or an extraction, Dr. Lucky’s office provides compassionate general and family dentistry Nicholas County patients appreciate.

Restoration Dentistry Services in Nicholas County, WV

If you are you looking to restore your teeth after one or more are removed, Kevin C. Lucky, DDS PLLC offers the best restoration dentistry options in Nicholas County. Find out how the right dental crown or bridge can restore your tooth or multiple teeth that have been changed due to disease or trauma. You can have a restored smile and functional teeth for better oral health in Nicholas County with the restoration dentistry services at Dr. Lucky’s office. Get in touch today to find out more.

Effective & Beautiful Dentures in Nicholas County

Do you or a loved one persevere with dentures that are uncomfortable or not doing the job? If you are looking for Nicholas County’s most effective and beautiful dentures, see Kevin C. Lucky, DDS PLLC. Our dental experts can help you achieve much more reliable results. With denture advancements, you have options that people did not have years ago. Find out more about Nicholas County’s most effective and beautiful dentures that you can obtain from our convenient offices.

Advanced Laser Dentistry in Nicholas County, WV

Kevin C. Lucky, DDS PLLC provides laser dentistry in Nicholas County, WV. Advanced laser dentistry can bring patients the cutting-edge techology that means less invasive surgical procedures and faster healing time. Whether you need work done on your gums due to severe periodontal disease or would like to have dental implants for the most secure restoration work, advanced laser dentistry can be the best way to go. Discuss your laser dentistry options with Doctors Lucky and Morabito today.